Ginger & André versus the OCD

Well, I was going to write a post about fashion.  It’s really something over here.  You’ve heard of “The People of Wal-Mart,” right?  Well, it’s nothing like that!  Whew!  They dress to the 9’s here!  Short skirts, long jackets, high heels and the like.  And the lace.  SOOO much lace!  My mother would be a rock star over here; with all the lace and ruffles and bedazzlments!  It’s not really my style, but I’m still impressed.  Even in the heat of summer, the ladies are all traipsing about in their long sleeved/high necked lacy dresses and high heels.  And they ride their bikes like this!  I saw it everywhere.  How do they move in that get-up?  If you dressed me in a lacy turtleneck in 95 degree heat and tropical humidity, I wouldn’t be able to move!  I’d just stand there…melting miserably!  So I thought I’d take a few pictures, but I ran into a problem.  The thing with lace is that you can see right through it!  Bras, panties…  And this is a family-friendly website, so…

But the weather is cooler now, so most of the see-through clothes are covered by arctic jackets (even though it’s still in the 50’s and 60’s).  But the length of the skirts has definitely NOT gotten any longer.  I mean, some of them don’t even meet the minimum requirement to be called skirts, if you know what I mean.  And then they ride their bikes.  Every time I want to take and picture, I think, “I can’t post that, people will be offended!”  So, no fashion blogging here I afraid.

But don’t worry, I’ve taken pictures for you.  If you consider yourself to have OCD, you may want to look away.  This has been disturbing me for a great while.  So now I’m going to make you look  at it.  Muahahahaha!  The standard to which things are done here is often, ‘eh, good enough.  See what I mean…


How hard would it have been to just turn these panels around to match!!?
Now I have to see these things every time I walk out my door.

Road blocks

Seriously?! Ever hear of painters tape?!

Nice paint job

I wonder how old
the child that painted this was?

Good enough

Eh, close enough.
The one on the other side is ok.

Big balls

Oh, for cryin’ out loud! REALLY!!!
Put the big balls in a straight line…a STRAIGHT LINE!!!

Cable Managment

Cable mis-Management

Cable managment 2


And then there’s stuff like this…

Scecdh Book

Great! I needed a Sketdh Book.
It is ironic that I found this at the University?


Every girl loves a great sael on clothes!
And I promise, all the English words
on all the clothes here are equally as “correct.”

the most thing in the world

Be together IS the most thing in the world!

talk talk to them

Are you talk talking with your children?

There are many things that surprise me here.  This was one.  You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?  I admit the idea is a good one.  I never bought my Teal’c-ster any fancy cat toys because he is WAY happier with wire-ties and packing peanuts.  Turns out children are not so different.  So the people in charge of the children’s entertainment here in our garden came up with a BRILLIANT idea!  Lets make a sandbox thingy, but instead of sand, we’ll just put this stack of extra Styrofoam sheets that we have next to it and let the kids break it all to pieces and play in it.  Oh man, there were little styrofoam pebbles all over this garden.  Parents must’ve been sweeping that static-y mess out of their apartments for weeks!  And you know what that stuff sounds like, right?  OH, THE CHILLS!!!!  It was awful!  But the children loved it.  I was wondering why I kept seeing kids holding big chunks of squeaky styrofoam all over the area, then I saw this.

Styrofoam party

Cheap fun!

Squeak squeak

Squeak! Squeak!! Squeak!!! Squeak!!!!

Then there are the things that apparently remain the same no matter which side of the world you find yourself on…Christmas and Candy Crush Saga!

Look no further than EVERY SINGLE STORE in China for proof that Christmas is a great commercial opportunity.  They only seem to know three of the songs though.  But no worries…they just play those three on a loop in every store, everywhere.  Sad face.

Christmas in China

It’s the other thing that you can’t outrun no matter how hard you try.

On our last trip to Hong Kong we saw this man working intensely on his Candy Crush Saga game.  And he had mad skills!  He was on level 400 or something!  He even got up and gave his seat to an older lady, then continued playing whilst standing up on a moving train.  SKILLS and MANNERS!!!  Let’s all tip our hats to this gentleman!!!

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a great way to kill time on the MTR.

Speaking of Hong Kong, I finished my race there a couple weekends ago.  It was way different than any race I’ve run in the States.  Good thing Andre’ was there (with one other dude) to cheer and clap for the runners or it would’ve been a totally silent finish line.  I’m not kidding; we have video!  No music, no announcer, no nothing…but that’s a blog for another time.